Bringing Families back to the Dinner Table

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Light and aromatic cuisine

My personal chef service is an innovative food service aimed at offering high quality, moderately priced, customized food menus using only the freshest ingredients prepared and served in your home.

Fine Foods

Our chef has a wide range of Indian, Thai, American, and Carribean dishes in his repertoire - Curry & Jerk, of course, being a specialty. You’re sure to find something that suits your particular mood on the day.


If you like Clean eating, it’s probably because it’s not so heavy on your digestion, yet still aromatic and spicy. We’ll be happy to accommodate you.

                                   Whitehead Wonders                                           Bringing the family back to the Dinner Table

Check out our sample menus to get an idea of some of the culinary delights we offer. We will make your dinner a truly memorable and unique experience. Learn more about our team and the advantages of contracting our party specialists.