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I learned early in life that food brings families together. I come from a large family and when my mother wasn’t cooking for the family, she was often feeding the community through the church. My mother allowed me access to the kitchen and equipped me with all of her cooking expertise and her philosophy about the importance of healthy meals for our family.


After leaving Corporate America I seized the opportunity to bring my family back to the dinner table.  While I pursued my marketing degree, I worked in the home to care for my daughter. As I began to experiment with different cuisines for my busy family’s dinners, my passion for food was reignited.


Not only did I savor cooking for my family, I was able to share with neighbors and friends, when I made too much. Whether it was the Super Bowl, a birthday party or just having friends over for dinner and board games, my entrees and side dishes were always crowd-pleasers for even the most selective eaters.


Eager to learn more about my passion and all things food, I completed culinary classes at a local college. I studied under a master chef, learning French cuisine and cooking techniques. I was exposed to new and exciting ingredients, adding to my repertoire. I also completed my Food Safety Manager's certification from ServSafe, the nationally recognized industry standard in safe food handling practices. I recently earned my marketing degree in order to best utilize my acquired skills to share my love of food with the world.


How can I share my love of food? The most popular suggestion was to work in or open a restaurant. This avenue did not interest me because I would be too disconnected from the people I was serving. I have learned over the years that everyone has their own distinct preferences when it comes to food.  By meeting with individuals and families, I am able to learn those preferences and meet their needs.  From that insight, I launched Whitehead Wonders Personal Chef Services.


My service solves a problem that exists for many people attempting to balance their busy schedules: “How do I eat healthy at home without spending hours preparing meals?”


My personal chef service is an innovative food service aimed at offering high quality, moderately priced, customized food menus using only the freshest ingredients prepared and served in your home.


Whitehead Wonders and I, want to bring you back to the dinner table.


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